Yoga Helps Prevent and Manage...

Yoga Helps Prevent and Manage Dementia

Practicing yoga has long been known to increase balance, improve mobility and ease the pain of arthritis. New research shows that practicing yoga can help ease symptoms of mental and emotional problems as well. A regular yoga practice can help seniors reduce the risk of contracting dementia.... Read more »

Overweight control the Two-Pr...

Overweight control the Two-Pronged Strategy reduction and maintenance

The overweight control mechanism is made up of a two-fold strategy. They are reduction and maintenance. Role of Thyroid Gland The thyroid gland is the most important internal organ that determines the formation and distribution of fat within our bodies and also the weights. Regularly Practise... Read more »

Yoga Asanas practise them to ...

Yoga Asanas practise them to get the optimum benefits

The asanas leave a balmy effect on the mind and the body. Regular practice of the asanas will fortify the body against attacks of ailments. The mind will be free from clutters and you’ll be able to concentrate better than before in your day-to-day activities. There are many asanas.... Read more »

Nauli Yoga the main source of...

Nauli Yoga the main source of most of our ailments

The Nauli is performed as you are in the final Uddiyana posture. Methodology During this stage your chest will be expanded to its optimum level while a cavity will be formed in the abdominal area. During Nauli, the abdominal recti muscles (rooted in the stomach pit) will be contracted.... Read more »

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The 12th Surya Namaskar The 12th Surya Namaskar

The 12th Surya Namaskar: The 12th posture returns us to the first posture. After its completion... Read more »

The 11th Surya Namaskar The 11th Surya Namaskar

The 11th Surya Namaskar: This penultimate posture will bring you back to the second posture. Methodologyof... Read more »

Yoga Positions

Kundalini Yoga

The Kundalini yoga poses constitute the set of...

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Yoga Positions

Yoga Asanas

The asanas leave a balmy effect on the mind and...

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Yoga Positions


'Pranayama Yoga' is a Sanskrit term referring to...

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Yoga Positions

Hatha Yoga

'Hatha Yoga' is the traditional nomenclature of

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